The making of the sports biopic


My first attempt at producing a Bollywood movie
I have always been fascinated with stories. Stories that transport you to another world of mystery, magic and possibilities. While books have their own charm, there is something magical about motion pictures. I always believed books, films and music have the power to shape culture.

The Saina movie project too us 6 years to get from the idea to the final release of the film. It had it shares of ups, downs, controversies and challenges. We started the film shoot with Shraddha Kapoor and had to reshoot with Parineeti Chopra. And just when you think it's all good and start preparing for the release, the pandemic is upon us. Forget the planned pre-Olympics launch, we were not even sure if the movie will ever be released in theatres.

I hope this movie inspires the next generation of sportswomen.
Team FrontFoot Pictures
It's funny how much publicity and social currency this poster generated for free.
So why did I want to produce a movie. Yes I believed Saina's story is worth sharing. I have always wanted to make a movie and who knows maybe one day, I will direct one too. My love for cinema is deep-rooted right from childhood. Growing up in Ooty meant you always witness one film or another being shot on the slopes of our town. From watching the floating Bungalow built over a flowing stream for the movie Tridev to watching umpteen film shoots. And many where shot in our very own school campus.

And then came the movie 'Aakhree Raasta' starring Amitabh Bachan and Sridevi where I got my first opportunity to be in a film. The kids you see in the song with the lead pair included me and my classmates. This was followed by Mithun Chakraborthy's 'Do Pyar Do Pal' and 'Chota Chetan'.
Fast forward 30 years, and suddenly am facing the camera again for the Hindi horror film 6-5=2. It's a movie inspired by the Hollywood classic 'Blair Witch Project' and I play the reporter investigating the scene and interviewing the survivor. A friend was looking for someone to fill in and I reluctantly played the role.
The love affair with cinema continuous and let's see what is in store for the future. Should You need any help in story telling or project management feel free to reach out.

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