Books are amazing devices, they can transport, transform, transcend all limitations of life.
My first book is a practical step by step guide to help you reinvent yourself. This book is not just relevant today in the times of the pandemic, but it's written to help you anytime you feel stuck.
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My second book captures my journey with the IPL team Deccan Chargers, in our journey from the bottom of the table to eventual winners.
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ZERO to HERO is book that chronicles my journey with the Deccan Chargers IPL team.

The book is published and is available in paper back and ebook format in India and also has hard cover across the world.

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Appreciation for 'ZERO to HERO'
Honest narrative, interesting anecdotes, and powerful lessons. This book is a must read for all sports fans.

Milind Soman, Athlete, Actor, Model, Author & Entrepreneur
Any journey will provide a lot of learnings, and if the journey happens to swing from one end of the spectrum, the lessons are going to be extra special. Darshan has brought the lessons from the DC journey with admirable clarity, interspersing with his learnings with his own keen observations.

W V Raman, Former Indian Cricketer, Former Coach of Indian Women's National Team, Published Author, renowned Commentator and Podcast host.
As the chairman of RCB, I dealt with Darshan quite often through the tournament. This book gives us glimpses of what went on behind the scenes that inspired their remarkable turnaround from last to winners. A must read for all sports fans and management students, professionals alike.
Amrit Thomas , Former Chairman of Royal Challengers Bangalore, Ex-CMO Europe Diageo, Ex-CMO Diageo India.
As an avid cricket fan, I have followed the journey of the Deccan Chargers, every season, without missing a single match. This book by Darshan gives us insights on some of the workings behind the scenes. Must read for all cricket fans.
Daggubati Suresh Babu, renowned Film Producer, Studio Owner, Film Distributor and a Cricket Fan.
The words of Hero to Zero are genuine, from the heart, down to earth, honest, open and well directed in terms of life skills through good and tough times. Be it sport, business or leadership the lessons herein can be applied across various roles and industries.
Russell Adams, Head: Events - Cricket South Africa and Former RCB Vice President - Commercial and Operations
"Avra Keddabra" - I create what I speak. Darshan is a breath of fresh scented air in today's foul smelling heavy atmosphere of lofty valuations with little value. He speaks his mind with clarity of only someone who has personally witnessed the peaks of success & adulation as well as the dungeons of failure & pity. I have known Darshan as a colleague and as a friend and the book is a testament not only to his ability to bring out the best in people but also a lesson in sticking true to yourself. "Zero to Hero" uses anecdotes, simple language and sports to educate us in what it takes to succeed in today's hyper competitive & merciless world of billion dollar valuations.
Rajiv Mehta, CEO Stovecraft Ltd, Former MD Puma.
I have known Darshan closely for more than two decades now. Always thinking big & thinking ahead he is a maverick & an entrepreneur at heart. Zero to Hero is a fascinating read of Darshan’s journey of life with real life anecdotes of his experiences with the people he came across & his understanding of the Sports business.
Raj Nayak, Founder House of Cheer, Ex CEO Viacom 18.
India is ready passionate about IPL and most see the game as it happens on the field of play. But very few know and appreciate what goes on behind the scenes and what all it takes to run a successful franchise. This book states a first hand experience of someone who has been there and done that. Simple and well written.

- G Srinivvasan, Founder Sporjo, Ex BCCI, Nike, ISL ,
My first book is a practical step by step guide to help you reinvent yourself. This book is not just relevant today in the times of the pandemic, but it's written to help you anytime you feel stuck.

The book is published and is available in paper back and ebook format across the world.

You can order your copy here

Appreciation for the first book
When the Covid19 Pandemic pushes us indoors, what does Darshan do? He pushes himself indoors & deeply inwards! Into himself! And into his experiences! The output is a 104-page book! Darshan emblishes his work through the exciting all-timers of positive thinking that range from Confucius to Dale Carnegie! This is a quick read! Many will resonate with the stories & many will re-think! And some will hopefully re-invent! This sure is an #Aatmanirbhar tome in your hands! Enjoy!"

Harish Bijoor, Brand Guru
How many of us actually look at a crisis as an opportunity to reinvent our lives, our ways of thinking and even our businesses?
Whether it’s in life or business, there always comes a time when your strength and persistence will be put to test. Darshan’s book simply puts this into perspective. He offers a very easy yet effective way one can not just deal, but turn a challenge or crisis into an opportunity to create a better future.
Abhishek Ganguly , MD Puma India
This book is something everyone can relate to who experienced even an iota of anxiety during the covid 19 . So I think it’s for everyone .Written with immense disclosure , Darshan has admitted that entrepreneurs are not always the brave hearts and do have sets of challenges which they manage alone. In the future these situations either become lessons or heroic tales , depending on what’s the outcome failure or success , respectively

This is a great book to gift to all those for whom you wish a joyous and prosperous life
Mohit Gupta, Founder City Book Leaders
To live life to its fullest one must constantly be open to learning new skills, mindsets and perspectives. Only when one expands their perspective can one be prepared for the next unpredictable chapter in life. I personally believe in consciously reinventing myself. From a swimmer to a model to an actor to a runner to an entrepreneur, its all about being able to see change in the environment as an opportunity to grow, and facing new challenges head on. And as change is constant, so is the opportunity to grow. This book by Darshan would help anyone looking to craft their next chapter with a very easy step by step approach. This is something I recommend not just for now but for every time you feel you are stuck. Keep moving.
Milind Soman, Actor, Model, Ironman, Entrepreneur
"I found this step-by-step, easy-to-follow guide to be immensely valuable in helping me take an introspective look at myself during the current lockdown brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. Using good examples, proverbs, famous quotes and sayings that we can all relate to, this guide provides a practical set of instructions that we can all implement easily to help us cope better with the impact the changing world is having on us in our personal and professional lives. The transition to the new digital world can be easy for some while more difficult for others, and the great thing about this guide is that there is something for everyone regardless of age, gender, location, level of education and experience."
Sal Syed, Co-founder RegBot, London based Tech Entrepreneur.
If reinvention is a necessity, introspection and innovation are the crux to the way out of the Corona Virus conundrum. Read on and Darshan lucidly takes the reader through what logically and sensibly needs to be done. Compelling interesting. Practically perfect.
Ravi Ramu, Corporate Honcho, Entrepreneur & Published Author
Darshan’s book is a fresh change to the preachy self help books available on the shelves. He has experienced everything he has talked about himself. He genuinely wants to help people from his mistakes and has taken great pains to ensure that the language is simple and the advice is easy to implement. He has made reading a breeze with the help of a myriad famous quotations. At no time does the book feel heavy and yet he has tackled such a weighty subject with utter ease. Kudos.
Rajiv Mehta, CEO Stovecraft Ltd
For true growth, it is imperative that we constantly evaluate and reinvent ourselves at every step. This book provides a series of practical steps to enable the reader to take stock of their individual situations, reinvent, and pave the way for personal and professional growth.
Shikha Tandon, Olympian, Arjuna Awardee
A mentally and spiritually enriching book. It provides a simple and methodological approach to transform your life. And the best part of it is all based on real-life experiences.
Shreans Daga, Founder of Pyramid Valley International.